Triple your productivity. 5 emails in 5 days.

What does it take to build a 6-figure online business and work from anywhere in the world?

Consistent. Daily. Focused. Work.

Beat Procrastination. Harness Focus.

Reduce Distractions. Master Email.​

Do you think John Lee Dumas succeeded because he was lucky?


He created a podcast every goddamn day and worked like a son of a bitch.

Do you think Neil Patel just put heaps of money into his businesses and that's why he succeeded?


He was writing blog posts, building resources and creating value.

In fact he still does those things every goddamn day.​

He works hard, and focuses on what makes an impact on his business.

Starting your own website and working online can be really, really exciting.

But it soon becomes very daunting.

Earning a living online is a big task.

There's a shitload of content to create, tonnes of sales copy and emails to write. Not to mention organising all the moving parts into a business.

You've got to work day in, day out if you want to succeed.

And that's exactly what I'll show you.

You'll receive 5 strategies tailored specifically for online marketers that'll triple your productivity.

These strategies will show you how to work day-in, day-out towards your goals and stay motivated. Plus you'll get an introduction to our system for turning the productivity strategies into long-lasting habits.

Get Free Access to:​

The free tracking software that increased my productivity 150%

The Prioritisation Matrix used by President Eisenhower

The top 5 email filters to save you 2+ hours/week

​Plus monthly resources and heaps of freebies

Make the daily grind easier and start accomplishing more today.

It's fun, actionable and puts together so many productivity concepts without the fluff. It's awesome to see how the whole productivity science is put into practice in the lessons. Luca's style just makes you wanna take action on these tips and that's what makes the real difference!"

Antoniya K Zorluer, Founder, Minty Hideout

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